Flying RC Helicopter – A Great Hobby

Every person has a hobby or two. These hobbies come in different forms. Some of them amazing, others are just plain weird. But hobbies are things that make people happy. One of the popular hobbies that emerge recently is flying RC helicopters. If you find it hard to fly one helicopter since one flight can be expensive, you can invest your money instead on flying RC helicopters. You may not be riding on a real one, but the least is that you get the feeling of controlling one in the form of a miniature helicopter. This is even cheaper compared to a real helicopter, too.


The best places to fly your RC helicopter are in wide areas that have little to no distraction. Watching your mini copter fly into the sky is a very satisfying feeling. If you are interested in having your very own RC helicopter, here are some things that you need to know about.

You don’t just make random purchases. Just because you see an RC helicopter right away doesn’t mean that it is the right one for you. There are different types of RC helicopter and what you need to do is to choose one that is best suited to your preferences. In addition to the below, be sure to read the best rc helicopter reviews of 2017.

RC Helicopter Type
These are the first thing that you need to consider before you decide on buying an RC Helicopter. There are different types, of RC Helicopter, and each of these types is base on several factors including motors and features. By comparing the features, each type has, buyers can define which of them suits their preferences.

Toy Helicopter. It is a good copter for children and beginners. It has limited controls, which at least let the controller fly the unit up to a limited area. The Toy Helicopter is a user-friendly helicopter and at the same time the cheapest of all types.

Microcoaxial Hobby Grade Type. This type is larger compared to toy copters. It carries twin or dual rotors that allow the unit to have more movement. There are also parts available for upgrades or replacements.

Quadrotor RC Type. Although it sounds complicated, it is quite simple. It has a couple of moving parts, four propellers and it can do different kinds of movements such as vertical takeoff, turns and hover.

Micro Single Rotor RC Type. If you plan to be a hobbyist and prefer the RC helicopter, this is the best unit to play with for beginners for it is more stable yet more challenging to control in flying compared to other types above.

Single Rotor Collective Pitch. It is the more complex and challenging RC copter type from the rest. It comes with better design, provides more controls that will make you maneuver the unit in a lot of ways. Since the design is complex and offers more control, this is the most expensive type of the rest.

When you buy an RC helicopter, it is a must that you think about where and how you plan to use it. There are various ways that you can utilize the RC helicopter. For example, if you plan to give it as a gift to a young boy or girl, the best choice would be to go for the toy copter.


It refers to the radio signals that the controller possesses. Every RC copter hobbyist knows what this is. These radio signals are sent to the controller and then converted into different movements. However, every kind of action need one channel of transmission, and because of this, the most complex types of RC helicopters possess more channels. For beginners, it is highly recommended for them to go with fewer channels since it will be easier to maneuver the copter. Basic RC copters carry two channels. One of them controls the yaw or turning while the other manages the speed. Such copters can only manage to fly forward, thus limiting their movements. But at least they are easy to control. The three-channel RC copter adds reverse and forward movements.

RC copters that possess over three channels have more movements via the addition of the collective pitch. By giving the user the ability to tilt its rotor blades, the RC helicopter can do more complicated movements like looping, rolling, climbing, swooping, going upside down and flying backward.

Power Source
RC helicopters need a power source to run. The most common kind that powers up the copters are the electric batteries and glow fuel, although some models make use of turbine engines and gasoline. The most common power source is glow fuel, which is a combination of methanol and nitromethane. It provides power from 7 to 10 minutes flight time, although this depends on the engine type that you used. Glow fuel-powered RC copters does not have any height limit. Some users report that they can go beyond one mile high, and a few only push their units higher than they can see.

Batteries are more convenient and safer to use. Before, the batteries couldn’t match up with the power output that glow fuel could provide. But thanks to the advancement of technology, a lot of batteries made from lithium polymer provide 4 to 12 minutes flight time. Besides the lower costs, the advantage of using electric batteries is that it has less noise compared to glow fuel. For this is the best and most attractive quality when it comes to buyers that want to make use of the RC copter for video recording with sound.

Parts Availability
Buyers that just want more than a toy copter can do and prefer to devote themselves to flying in both resources and time, the availability of the parts should carefully consider. RC copters require a lot of maintenance. Using and flying the RC copters can bring more wear and tear. Regularly using them will require the users to replace parts to keep it in its optimal condition. The batteries, main shaft, canopy, swashplate and the landing skids are all parts that need to be replaced in time, especially when they use to crash a lot in the beginning. Most parts available are compatible with all helicopter types, but if your copter possesses specialty parts, you will have to buy them from the manufacturer that made your RC helicopter.

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